URBiNAT: Urban Innovative & Inclusive Nature

URBiNAT Mission & Cities

URBiNAT is a five-year project (2018 to 2023) funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Programme.

The project is focused on the regeneration and integration of under-served urban neighbourhoods through the co-selection, co-design and co-creation of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). NBS are implemented together to form Healthy Corridors which act as drivers in the transformation of social housing neighbourhoods, and the wellbeing of residents.

URBiNAT has three Frontrunner cities, Porto, Nantes and Sofia, based on their innovative use of public space through nature-based solutions (NBS), and four Follower cities, 

Siena, Nova Gorica, Brussels and Høje-Taastrup, sharing their knowledge and replicating URBiNAT concepts and methodologies, acting as ‘followers’. 

The project also consists of an international network of Observer Cities and Institues, Khorramabad City (Iran), URBEM(Brazil), CEMPA (Brazil), Delft University (Netherlands), Cyprus Institute (Cyprus), Setsuan University(Japan), Nanahi City(China).

Details of project implementations in URBiNAT Frontrunner, Follower and Observer Cities click:

MA Mapa cities - homepage

URBiNAT NBS Catalogue

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that the citizens of each URBiNAT city can co-select and co-create according to their specific needs, ambitions and realities on the ground. URBiNAT uses a unique four part typology of NBS. See our NBS Catalogue for details.


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