URBiNAT: Urban Innovative & Inclusive Nature

HEALTHY CORRIDORS for better connected, greener, healthier, smarter & more inclusive cities across Europe – and beyond. Reinforcing urban resilience by harnessing the potential of Citizen Engagement, Nature-Based Solutions, and Digital Transformation.

URBiNAT focuses on the regeneration and integration of deprived social housing neighbourhoods.  It does so through an innovative and inclusive catalogue of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), ensuring sustainability and mobilising driving forces for social cohesion. Interventions focus on the public space to co-create with citizens new urban, social and nature-based relations within and between different neighbourhoods. Taking the full physical, mental and social well-being of citizens as its main goal, URBiNAT aims to co-plan a healthy corridor as an innovative and flexible NBS, which itself integrates a large number of micro NBS emerging from community-driven design processes.

URBiNAT Cities

The URBiNAT Community of Cities is an expression of European diversity, in its broad geographic, cultural, environmental, societal, political and economic dimensions.


URBiNAT covers the capital cities of Sofia and Brussels, the ancient historic cities of Porto, Nantes and Siena, and the relatively young cities of Høje-Taastrup, east of Copenhagen, and Nova Gorica on the Italo-Slovenian border. This diversity of urban environments allows URBiNAT to test and ensure the replicability of its solutions in different contexts.


URBiNAT NBS Catalogue

Nature-Based Solutions that the citizens of each URBiNAT city co-select, co-design and co-implement according to their specific needs, ambitions and realities on the ground.

Bringing to bear their diverse areas of expertise partners of the URBiNAT consortium have compiled an initial set of Nature Based Solutions to be available for application in URBiNAT cities. These solutions form the URBiNAT NBS Living Catalogue, a fundamental tool to:

  • discuss with communities which are the solutions available through the project
  • serve as a basis to inspire the development of new solutions during project implementation
  • feed the URBiNAT Observatory’s knowledge sharing task

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