Community of Practice

URBiNAT Community of Practice

As part of URBiNAT we are building a Community of Practice (CoP) of people whose work is connected to the co-design, co-creation or co-implementation of Healthy Corridors in each URBiNAT City, or to specific Nature-Based Solutions.

Our aim is to establish a dynamic, durable and international Community of Practice which serves to connect cities and citizens through the sharing of ideas, research and action projects.

Frontrunner Cities

Porto 🇵🇹

Nantes 🇫🇷

Sofia 🇧🇬

Follower Cities

Brussels 🇧🇪

Nova Gorica 🇸🇮

Høje-Taastrup 🇩🇰

Siena 🇮🇹

Observer Cities

Khorramabad 🇮🇷

Horizontal Partners 🇪🇺

Communities of Interest

URBiNAT communities of interest represent a vital aspect of URBiNAT’s vision for sustainable urban development. These communities are formed by nature-based enterprises operating within URBiNAT cities. They are clusters of enterprises that can serve as examples for the exchange of best practices and mutual learning. They have been assessed to have the potential to be scaled up and replicated in various urban contexts.

Each enterprise embodies innovative and nature-centric approaches, leveraging the inherent benefits of green infrastructure, biodiversity, and ecosystem services to enhance urban resilience, well-being, and sustainability. By nurturing these communities of interest, the URBiNAT project aims to foster knowledge exchange, collaboration, and capacity-building, enabling the dissemination and implementation of successful nature-based solutions across cities.

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URBiNAT’s Community of Practice is made up of students, researchers, policy makers at local, national and international levels, innovators and developers of NBS solutions, urban planners and investors, from Europe and around the world. Become part of the community by creating a profile. Click ↙️