Siena, Italy

Siena is located in Tuscany, in the center of Italy. Siena has approximately a resident population of 54,498 habitans, composed by residents and students (Siena has one of the ancient University of Europe). Characterized by a thick web of narrow streets, palaces and towers, the city has preserved its medieval flavor surrounded by the majestic walls that surround it. They’re setting the hills of Chianti to the north-east, leading to Florence, Montagnola west, with its woods and Mediterranean bush. A south-east instead conquer the lunar south of the Crete Senesi.

The Sienese territory has four UNESCO World Heritage sites, proving how, despite the many and often troubling historical events, it was possible to take care, preserve and pass on a harmony between man and nature, between city and countryside, between respect for the past and sustainable development, which is now an inestimable value.
The Historic Center of Siena was made a World Heritage site in 1995.

Born along the Via Francigena and often defined as the “Gothic dream”, Siena still has today a historical centre that is the medieval city model, through the most important palaces and churches, as well as the most hidden streets and alleys. The artistic heritage present in its museums and churches, and the original complex of Santa Maria della Scala, are a heritage that we need to take care of every day.

Siena has always been committed to the sustainable preservation of its Unesco Heritage in the historical centre by the enhancement, protection and valorization of its medieval architecture and in the same time by respecting the future challenges; in the last years Siena has focused on his new ecological profile thanks to these projects:
– Parco delle Mura
– Siena Carbon Free