URBiNAT Publications

URBiNAT Publications

Over the course of the URBiNAT project, a wide range of research outputs has been generated, including peer-reviewed academic papers to conference proceedings, books, book chapters, and other scholarly contributions. These outputs have and will continue to serve as resources for disseminating the project’s findings, methodologies, and nature-based solutions aimed at enhancing urban sustainability and resilience. Peer-reviewed academic papers provide analyses and insights into various aspects of sustainable urban development, while conference proceedings,

books and book chapters contribute to synthesizing and contextualizing the project’s outcomes within broader academic and professional discourses. Other research outputs, including reports and policy briefs, are aimed at diverse target audiences, including policymakers, practitioners, and the general public, fostering broader engagement and impact. All outputs are listed on both the URBiNAT project website and the European Commission’s Cordis page, ensuring accessibility, and wider dissemination to stakeholders and researchers across Europe and internationally.


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