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The Institute of Urbanism and Studies for the Metropolis (URBEM): ACADEMIC OBSERVER


The main partner of URBiNAT in Brazil is URBEM, the Institute of Urbanism and Studies for the Metropolis. URBEM is a research center focused on urban studies which aim “to conceive and implement large-scale urban development projects in the city of São Paulo and other global cities”.

URBEM will enroll cities as observers of the URBiNAT processes and results, in order to further the development of urban plans according to the Healthy corridor concept and methodology. URBEM will look for funding in the municipality’s budget or in the private Brazilian foundations to back this agenda.

Partnership with URBiNAT

Seminars and Workshops

URBEM has been dynamic in sharing knowledge on urban regeneration methodologies.

Coordinating with URBEM, the Brazil partner, avenues were examined as well to attain private sector support for their engagement in countering social and environmental issues. Collaboration was established as well with the Sustainable City Innovation Observatory (SCIO) for the purpose of reviewing the NBS form for matching NBS cases with the needs of Brazilian territory.

Also, resulting from the local articulation efforts of URBiNAT, in May 2019, a workshop on participation and co-creation was coordinated by the regional government in Curitiba, resulting in a lasting sharing environment.


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