About the URBiNAT Observatory

Under continuous development by the University of IULM (Milan), the URBiNAT Observatory is a tool designed to promote international cooperation for the replication of NBS among EU and non-EU countries.

The Observatory combines the observation, monitoring, and reporting of NBS for inclusive urban regeneration, with high-level research activities. It supports the analysis and monitors the development, implementation, and impacts of the Healthy Corridors and NBS.


During the course of the project, city administrations, the partners of the URBiNAT Living Labs, and other stakeholders and experts, can access the tools that are developed as part of the platform.

In due course, additional sections of the Observatory will be made accessible to the public at large via this page. Presented here is a Beta version of the public part of the Observatory platform.



Wellbeing & Health Dashboard

In addition to direct measures of well-being and health, you will also find indicators that can be influenced by Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and in turn influence health. For example, it is assumed that NBS can mitigate environmental emissions such as noise, air pollution, or heat effects. We measure this with the indicator “Neighbourhood Comfort”, i.e. the absence of these emissions.  Furthermore, changed and improved spatial situations can affect our behaviour, which in turn can affect our health and well-being.


Additionally, you will also find a number of other indicators in the dashboard that are associated with health and/or well-being – a classic example would be age. We invite you to get a picture of your district and neighbourhood yourself.

Scientific group: Cardinali, M.*, Bodenan, P., Ferilli, G., Nunez, N., Ferreira, I., Burov, A., Tasheva, M., Ghozlane, F.
Dashboard: Alamolhoda, A., Cardinali, M., Ferilli, G.