Porto, Portugal

Porto is located in Northern Portugal, between the Atlantic coast and the river Douro.

The city was founded in 1123 around the old medieval cathedral. With 200.000 habitants, the permanent population of Porto is in decline while there is a growing number of tourists. In 2000, 80% of the city center was empty. Over 20,000 citizens live in social housing neighbourhoods in the periphery of the urban area with dificult acces to the city centre. Historically, the city’s inhabitants have always had a strong connection with the streams and waterways that cross the urban fabric to the river and sea. In 2001, Porto started an urban regeneration process focused on public spaces and infrastructures, and the renovation of housing. Since 2010, Porto has taken advantage of its climate and adopted an ambitious NBS agenda with a strong commitment from the citizens and the municipality. The renovation of streams and, urban forests, and the creation of roof gardens and urban farms are changing the way of life in Porto.