This website is developed and managed under the framework of the URBiNAT project, that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N. 776783. The service is managed by the Center for Social Studies (CES) of Coimbra on behalf of the URBiNAT Consortium, led by CES.

Roles of the organizations involved
The data management for this Site is shared between the following organizations:
Data Controller and responsible for the enforcement of the Privacy Policy: Center for Social Studies of Coimbra (Portugal);
Data Processor(s), in charge of managing data for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy: Center for Social Studies of Coimbra (Portugal);
Responsible for Data Archiving and Preservation: OneSource (Portugal).

1. General information
i) All data collection and management are in line with current European legislation concerning the protection of personal data.
ii) Sensitive data will not be collected, while the personal data will be collected only by completing forms and/or access to data obtained through user browsing;
iii) The personal data collected is processed in a secure and responsible manner and is used to contact you by e-mail, sending a monthly e-newsletter and communications;
iv) The personal data is collected only we need it in order to provide access/information to the user;

2. Data collection and use
i) We will collect the “path” you choose to navigate on the website in order to build the preferences of all users
ii) The personal data is collected to deliver services requested by the user interested in following our project, such as monthly newsletter and communication by email;
iii) The personal data collected are: name, email address, location (country and city), stakeholder type (end user, research, policy-makers, authority, etc.)
iii) The personal information might be used to contact you sending online surveys;
iv) We do not collect any sensitive data (religious beliefs, health, sexual orientation, political opinion) through the website. We may be collect these data by anonymised surveys unless it is expressly needed and on the basis of your explicit consent;
v) The personal data will be stored no longer than what is necessary to achieve the purpose and in any case no longer than one year after the last accesso to the service by the user;
vi) You can request us to stop using your data sending a mail do our email ;
vii) You can also unsubscribe your newsletter signature using the button for this specific request sent in the newsletter. Once you unsubscribe, your personal data will be deleted permanently;
vii) The personal information you provide to URBiNAT will not be transferred to any third country;
viii) The personal data will not be sold or rented for this website for any reason;
ix) The personal data will not be used for marketing or commercial purpose;

3. Website and cookies policy
i) When you browse our website it collects a small amount of information concerning your use;
ii) Personal data is not collected when you browse the website, i.e., we cannot identify who you are;
iii) Our cookies policy is aligned with the EU legislation, it means you are asked to allow the setting of cookies;
iv) Once you allow the cookies, it will help us to see which content our users are exploring and which one is not working well, in order to improve its development;
v) If you do not accept the cookies, you are still able to browse our site. However, some parts of the website may not work;

4. Integration of Google Maps
i) The website is integrated with the services of Google Maps to allows us to display interactive maps directly on the website and allows you to use the function when visiting our cities and Healthy Corridors;
ii) Google receives the information that you have visited the respective sub-page on our website. The data is transmitted to Google providing a user account you are logged into or not. If you are logged in with your Google account, your data is matched with your account;
iii) If you do not want your data transmitted to Google through your account, you have to log out before activating the plugin button;
iv) You can find further information on the purpose of protecting your privacy on;

5. Rights concerning your personal data
i) To ensure fairness, transparency, and accountability, you are invited to exercise the rights to review, update, and correct your personal data.
ii) You can request access to your personal data to obtain a list of persona data about you held by URBiNAT; an explanation of the purpose for which your personal data is being processed;
iii) We will disclose your , details of anyone to whom your personal data may have been disclosed

6. Right to lodge a complaint
i) In case of any complaint, please contact us by email:

7. Changes to this policy
i) The current version of the privacy policy is V1.0;
ii) It is valid since 30/11/2018 until a new version being released.

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