Resources and Project Milestones

This page contains links to the different types of outputs of the URBiNAT project. These include formal project outputs (deliverables), related outputs (articles, manuals, posters), academic papers, book chapters and other materials that have been produced as part of the project. Each section of the page corresponds to different areas of activity.

Our aim is to publish as many resources as possible in an Open Access format. Nonetheless, some resources are “restricted” meaning that they are limited to certain audiences. Permission to access these documents can be obtained on request. URBiNAT project resources are also available on other pages of the site.

M1: Theoretical & Methodological Foundations



M2: Living Labs & Community of Practice

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As part of the URBiNAT project collaborative laboratories (Living Labs) are being established within Frontrunner and Follower cities for the implementation of pilot NBS solutions in urban regeneration strategies. The LABS will serve both to upgrade critical urban areas and to enhance collective cooperative attitudes towards sustainability and the adoption of sustainable solutions. These operative structures will include representatives from municipalities, local communities, universities, research centers, industries and citizens.


M3: Digital Platforms and Participatory Handbook

Healthy Corridor Participatory Process Toolkit

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M4: Healthy Corridor Urban Plans

Healthy Corridor Concepts: Frontrunner Cities


Urban plans for Porto, Nantes, Sofia

NBS Implementation Strategy

M5: URBiNAT Observatory - Monitoring of NBS and Healthy Corridor

Link to the URBiNAT OBSERVATORY page on this website

The Observatory for Urban inclusive and innovative Nature serves to promote international cooperation for the replication of NBS among EU and non-EU countries. The Observatory combines the observation, monitoring, and reporting of NBS for inclusive urban regeneration, with high-level research activities.


The Observatory of the URBiNAT partners supports the analysis and monitors the development, implementation, and impacts of the Healthy Corridors and NBS. City administrations, the citizens of the Living Labs, and other stakeholders and experts, can access the tools that are developed as part of the Observatory.

Data Management

Local Diagnostic Reports

M6: Communication & Dissemination


Photo and Video Archives

URBiNAT Videos: YouTube Channel

URBiNAT Photos: Flickr

Project Deliverables


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M7: Market Potential of NBS


Project Deliverable

White Paper

M8: Publications & Policy Briefs

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Academic Papers & Articles

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Selected Papers

Ethics & Human Rights

Ethical Principles & Guidelines

Human Rights & Gender Issues

For more blog posts on human rights and gender issues and the URBiNAT project click HERE

Conference Proceedings