NBS proposed by local citizens in URBiNAT Frontrunner and Follower Cities

In URBiNAT Frontrunner and Follower Cities, local citizens proposed a range of innovative Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) through active outreach, engagement, and co-creation activities. These proposals were aimed at enhancing the livability and connectivity of the neighborhood.

The new NBS co-created in each city complete the NBS Catalogue proposed by URBiNAT partners in the first moment of the project to inspire the work in the cities. The new NBS have been  integrated into the Healthy Corridor urban plan of each city.

In the case of the frontrunners – Porto, Nantes and Sofia – many of them were co-implemented as material or immaterial solutions. In the case of the followers, the NBS will be co-implemented in future projects of the municipalities and local stakeholders.


Key suggestions included the development of pedestrian paths to improve the connectivity between different parts of the neighborhood, thereby facilitating easier and safer movement for residents.

Another proposal was the establishment of secure meeting points near schools, which would provide safe spaces for community interactions between children and parents.

Additionally, the restoration of an ancient theatre was proposed, a project that would not only preserve cultural heritage but also provide a communal space for arts and entertainment. Lastly, the community suggested the enhancement of outdoor spaces to be better equipped for sports and leisure activities, thereby promoting healthy lifestyles and social cohesion. These citizen-driven NBS reflect a deep understanding of local needs and a commitment to creating a more sustainable, connected, and vibrant urban environment.


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Nova Gorica

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