URBiNAT Summer School, 6 – 12 July 2023

HEALTHY HOME Summer School | Coimbra 🇵🇹

Healthy Home Summer School: Human and nature-based solutions for inclusive and innovative urban regeneration

6 – 12 July, 2023, University of Coimbra, Portugal

In recent years, cities have faced new challenges that demand creative ways of developing solutions. Climate change and social justice are pushing academia, municipalities, stakeholders and local citizens to work together to co-create another way of developing an inclusive urban regeneration.

The public space is at the centre of this urban transformation that puts in dialogue nature, mobility, community, culture, education and economy to promote places that offer better quality of life to the local communities. Places that are healthy homes.

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All the information you need to know about the Healthy Home Interdisciplinary Summer School in our brochure. Download here ⬇️

About the Summer School

Healthy Home was an Interdisciplinary Summer School that invited students (graduation, master and doctoral), citizens, technicians and local organisations to contribute to this debate with their knowledge and experience.

The aim of this workshop was to explore a healthy corridor for Coimbra, co-created with the local community of Eiras, by testing and improving the methodologies developed by the URBiNAT partners. In this sense, we challenged participants to develop processes and products that can transform the healthy corridor into a healthy home connecting Relvinha, Ingote and Bolão social housing with Choupal natural park.

This workshop was based on the experience of CASA Architectural Design Workshop that has been organised by University of Coimbra, namely by its Department of Architecture. In this edition CASA (HOME) opened the architectural design to other forms of knowledge that need to dialogue in the public space, such as social sciences, environmental sciences and humanities. This interdisciplinary approach is a field of opportunity to develop critical perspectives on the way of thinking and doing inclusive urban regeneration.



Intervention Area

Healthy Home Workshop was held in Eiras, the north district of Coimbra, taking advantage of the dialogue with the local community that is already active through several projects, as Bairros Saudáveis. Students, citizens, technicians and local organisations were invited to attend studio activities, training sessions, visits to the intervention area and local associations and conference with keynote speakers. Tutors were members of URBiNAT project and experts from different fields invited to support the teams.

Overview & Schedule

Human and nature-based solutions for inclusive and innovative urban regeneration

Co-creation of an healthy corridor in Coimbra (Relvinha РIngote РBoḷo)

Main organisers
Departamento de Arquitetura da Universidade de Coimbra (DARQ-UC)
Centro de Estudos Sociais (CES)


Câmara Municipal de Coimbra
Casa da Esquina
Cooperativa de Construção e Habitação Económica Semearrelvinhas



Col̩gio da Trindade, Coimbra, Portugal РKeynote lectures
Col̩gio das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal РStudio activities

6 to 12 July 2023

Working Language
English and Portuguese


Summer School Schedule


Day 1 - July 6

09:30 Welcome session
11:00 Keynote speakers
José António Bandeirinha DARQ/CES
Luciane Lucas dos Santos CES
14:30 Field visits

Day 2 - July 7

09:30 City Session: Coimbra Municipality
11:00 URBiNAT Concepts Session
14:30 Workshop

Day 3 - July 8

09:30 City Session:
Cascais Municipality (proGIreg project)
11:00 URBiNAT Methods Session
14:30 Workshop
18:00 Local Diagnostic Presentations

Day 4 - July 9

11:00 Walk in Choupal and Mondego riverfront

Day 5 - July 10

09:30 Workshop
14:30 Workshop

Day 6 - July 11

09:30 Workshop
14:30 Workshop

Day 7 - July 12

09:30 Workshop
14:30 Final presentations with guest critics
17:30 Diploma ceremony
20:00 Closing dinner

How to apply?

Applications for Healthy Home Summer School 2023 are closed‼️


Healthy Home opens applications for three groups:

  • Students (graduation, master, PhD) from all fields of knowledge
  • Municipal and governmental technicians
  • Citizens, members of associations
  • Students: 25 EUR (students can apply for 5 scholarships that are offered by URBiNAT)
  • Municipal and governmental technicians: 100 EUR
  • Citizens and members of associations: 50 EUR

Travel and accommodation is not included. Please find below a list of guesthouses, hostels and hotels.

The Summer School will offer lunch and final dinner.


Please contact CASA (coimbratelier at or URBiNAT (pmurbinat at if you have any questions.



Note that accommodation is not included in the summer school fee. Participants are expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.  Please find below a list of guesthouses, hostels and hotels in Coimbra:

Student Residence

Student residence that rents rooms per night over the summer:

Hostels & Guesthouses

There is also a wide variety of “Alojamento Local”/ local accommodation (guest houses, appartements,…) available on the well-known booking platforms.

Summer School Tutors

Tutors with different backgrounds and expertise will guide the groups of students during the 6 days of activities.