Commission for Ecology, Environment and Animal Protection in Paraná (CEMPA), Brazil

Commission for Ecology, Environment and Animal Protection in Paraná (CEMPA): GOVERNMENTAL OBSERVER


In the spring of 2020, a new observer arrangement in URBiNAT was formalized as a partnership with the Commission for the Environment, Ecology, and Protection of Animals (CEMPA) linked to the Legislative Assembly of State of Paraná (ALEP).

Two tracks of activities form the backbone: i) in the short-term, the arrangement of local events to disseminate URBiNAT’s concepts and methodological approach, and; ii) in the long-term, providing support to municipalities by way of inputs to workshops and seminars.

Thus far, the technical team of ALEP has taken part in URBiNAT webinars on “urban plan” and “citizens engagement and digital enablers”, with the objective of operationalizing URBiNAT’s concepts and methodologies in Paraná.

Partnership with URBiNAT

Seminars and Workshops

The partnership between CEMPA and ALEP represents an opportunity to share experience and knowledge, and to promote sustainable, democratic, and inclusive practice among European and Brazilian cities, strengthening our Community of Practice and mutual learning. The Commission is chaired by state representative Goura Nataraj, who has been in contact with the URBiNAT consortium since 2019 through in-person meetings in Brazil and Portugal, together with online sessions.

As well as sharing knowledge on democratic practices in urban regeneration, plans are being discussed for the organization of URBiNAT-style seminars and workshops with local authorities and decision-makers from Paraná. 


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