Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China


The municipality of Nanhai is a high technology area and is under consideration as an observer city. China’s participation is coordinated by the National Smart City Joint Lab (NSCJL), founded by the Chinese Society for Urban Studies (CSUS) in order to create a strongly networked body focused on supporting a development-oriented smart cities agenda across China. NSCJL cooperates closely with numerous cities in China, such as Shenyang, Nanhai (Foshan), and Hefei, which this way is connected with and takes inspiration from URBiNAT’s notions of NBS and promoting Healthy corridors.

NSCJL, in effect, serves as the leading think-tank and de facto promoter of revamping traditional urban planning procedures across China with the help of science, research, and innovation with a focus on smart city development and NBS. On this basis, it underpins the development of participatory tools to engage citizens in identifying and addressing those issues that are central to the local context, in support of social well-being. Challenges acted on by the NSCJL include uncontrolled urbanization, inefficient transportation, congestion and pollution, management of water resources, shifting to sustainable energy and food supplies, and addressing social fragmentation and exclusion in search of social harmony.

Partnership with URBiNAT

Seminars and Workshops

NSCJL has invited various URBiNAT partners to take part in events promoting the project in China. Ample presentation material has been produced for such purposes, including PPTs and printed leaflets. This way a large number of experts and senior city officials in China have become aware of the project and the topic. There is great potential to build on these connections through virtual communication.

Since 2012, China has selected more than 300 cities or towns to serve as national pilot smart cities, located in more than 30 provinces around China.


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