NBS Catalogue

Catalogue of Nature-Based Solutions

NBS Solutions that each URBiNAT city can choose according to its own realities on the ground, and the needs and ambitions of its citizens. [PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

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NBS Living Catalogue

URBiNAT members have compiled a set of solutions that are available for application in URBiNAT cities. These solutions form the URBiNAT NBS Living Catalogue, a fundamental tool to (1) discuss with communities which are the solutions available through the project, (2) serve as a basis to inspire the development of new solutions during project implementation, and (3) feed NBS the Observatory’s knowledge sharing task.

URBiNAT’s catalogue integrates territorial and technological solutions, comprising products and infrastructures, but also participatory and social and economic solutions, comprising processes and services, putting in dialogue the physical structure and the social dimension of the public space.

The goal list to bring these two plans of the public space to a living interaction, building collective awareness on commonalities, both material and immaterial and, by raising the collective understanding of the human and non-human urban dimensions, promoting the co-creation, co-development, co-implementation and co-assessment of solutions inspired by nature and in human-nature.

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Technological NBS

Technological Nature-Based Solutions are characterized by the use of advanced techniques and materials for their design and manufacturing processes and by the integration of ICT systems for their maintenance and monitoring.

Territorial NBS

Territorial NBS are actions sustained by nature that will make a significant contribution towards urban biodiversity, urban resilience to climate change, and storm-water management. These solutions promote urban regeneration and entail social and economic benefits through locally adapted implementations of a wide range of ecosystem services.


Participatory NBS are solutions that aim to address needs, aspirations and knowledge of residents and users of public spaces in URBiNAT intervention areas. The aim with Participatory NBS is to operationalize the co-creation process by putting in dialogue those needs, aspirations and knowledge with political, technical and scientific views. As URBiNAT operates within an urban governance framework, the main actors to design and implement participatory NBS are residents and users, municipal actors and academic practitioners.


Social and Solidarity Economy NBS are defined by URBiNAT as opportunities for changing social, political and economic relations among people who live in the neighbourhoods covered by the project. The project recognizes this as part of a broader socio-economy dimension based on practices whose ultimate goal is not profit (or its absence), but solidarity and cooperation.