Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Municipality of Nova Gorica is located on the border with Italy, between the Alps and the sea, forming a “twin” city with the town of Gorizia on Italian side. Nova Gorica has a unique development story as it was built as a completely new city on an empty land after the Second WW.

Nova Gorica with a population of 31,000 is nowadays facing the problems of young people moving out of the city since the city lacks suitable employment and living facilities. Consequently, the demographics is changing and the percentage of elderly people is growing.

To increase the quality of life, we would like to connect the deprived area of the stream Koren closer to the urban area. For more decades the stream was cut off from the rest of the city because it was polluted by waste water. Since we built a new sewage water cleaning device, the Koren is now free of pollution. Nova Gorica would like to regenerate and integrate this deprived area and connect districts in to a new green belt of the city, using the NBS to solve its problems and develop its potentials.