Socio-economic dashboard

Within URBiNAT, Nature-based Solutions (NBS) are co-created in an innovative and inclusive way, with the aim to develop social, environmental and marketable NBS. Within this context, it is important to evaluate and monitor socio-economic impact of NBS. How are the NBS perceived by the stakeholders (governmental institutions, organizations, and inhabitants) involved?

On this Socio-economic dashboard, you can find the latest research results on 3 explorative case studies in the frontrunner cities Porto, Nantes and Sofia. In each city, we zoom into 2 NBS projects and their stakeholders. The data is collected through the use of the Social Return On Investment (SROI) framework, adapted to the context of Healthy Corridors in URBiNAT’s cities.


Sources and more information

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  • Socio-economic impact research report: Coming soon…