Your neighborhood's journey to Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to the health & wellbeing dashboard, brought to life by the URBiNAT initiative. The dashboard offers a unique perspective of how the transformation of Nantes Nord, Porto Campanha¹ and Sofia Nadezhda¹ impacted key areas of health and wellbeing. It illuminates the tangible changes in Health, Wellbeing, Environmental Quality of Life, Physical Activity, Socializing Activity and the average social network from 2018 to 2024. Each indicator reflects aspects crucial to our daily lives, like clean air, active living, and strong community bonds. As you navigate through the interactive visualizations, recall how your neighbourhood has changed in the last years through Nature-based Solutions. However, it is important to note that the last years also posed many challenges like the COVID pandemic, a war on the European continent and lately a very high inflation.

So this is not just a display of data; it’s a journey of our collective effort and engagement in building a healthier, more vibrant community and also recent societal crisis.

For our follower cities, this journey has just begun. Discover a snapshot of health and wellbeing in the neighbourhoods of Høje-Taastrup (2021) and Nova-Gorica (2022)². Dive in and rediscover your neighbourhood’s journey.

¹ Currently only Nantes is available with 2023/2024 data. Sofia and Porto will follow soon.

² Currently only Høje-Taastrup is available. Nova-Gorica will follow soon.


Further Information

  • Explore our Research: If you are interest in the science behind Urban Nature and health, you can find the related academic papers here: Academic Resources Page
  • Explore our Methodology: The data shown in the dashboard was gathered with the URBiNAT Neighbourhood Survey. A questionnaire designed for a multidimensional assessment of key indicators related to urban nature. You can find the survey itself, the underlying scales and metrics, as well as non-restricted data here: URBiNAT Observatory Page
  • Opportunities for Collaboration: Join our mission to expand the boundaries of NBS and urban health research. We welcome collaboration from like-minded professionals in related fields. (Contact Link, Marcel Cardinali)
  • Scientific Group: Cardinali, M. (3), Bodenan, P., Ferilli, G., Nunez, N., Ferreira, I., Burov, A., Tasheva, M., Ghozlane, F.
  • Suggested Citation of this website: Cardinali, M., Bodenan, P., Ferilli, G., Nunez, N., Ferreira, Burov, Tasheva, M., & Fleury-Bahi, G. (2024). URBiNAT Wellbeing & Health Dashboard.