[EC Publication 🇪🇺] Guidelines fo Co-Creation and Co-Governance of Nature-Based Solutions

December 14, 2023

12 December 2023. The European Commission has published an Expert Report consisting of a set of Guidelines for Co-creation and Co-Governance of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). This report, produced jointly by several Horizon 2020 projects, including URBiNAT, as part of Network Nature’s Task Force 6, delves into different approaches to the co-design, co-development, implementation, and monitoring of NBS, that have been tried and tested across Europe.

Intended for policy makers, urban planners, researchers and citizens engaged in the ecological transformation of their cities and neighbourhoods, the report serves as includes invites and best practices in the co-creation of NBS at different stages, phases, and scales.


NBS are increasingly recognized as vital tools in addressing environmental, social, and economic challenges. The European Commission’s report sheds light on the co-creation and co-governance of these solutions, emphasizing the importance of collaborative approaches in their design and implementation. The report showcases a variety of projects across Europe, each illustrating unique methods in the co-creation process of NBS.

Key Findings

Diverse Approaches to Co-Creation: The report highlights the different ways in which NBS can be co-designed, developed, implemented, and monitored. It underscores the importance of involving various stakeholders, including local communities, in every step of the process.

Best Practices and Guidelines

A significant part of the report is dedicated to outlining best practices for the co-creation of NBS. These guidelines are designed to assist researchers and practitioners in effectively implementing and evaluating nature-based approaches.


Scale and Scope Variability

The report acknowledges that NBS can vary significantly in scale and scope, indicating that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It emphasizes the need to tailor NBS to specific local conditions and requirements.

Implications for Stakeholders

The report serves as a useful resource for a wide range of stakeholders. For researchers, it provides a framework for studying NBS co-creation processes. Practitioners will be able to use the guidelines to implement NBS more effectively.

And the report is essential reading for policymakers and other experts engaged in urban transformation processes, as it advocates for inclusive and nature-based approaches.


Link: Publications Office of the European Union

URBiNAT Contributing Authors