[Conference] URBiNAT discussed during World Habitat Day 2020

October 5, 2020

[Conference] Gonçalo Canto Moniz (University of Coimbra) will be discussing lessons learnt as part of the URBiNAT project during sesssion on “The Human Centred Development Strategy to face the challenges of our century. From right to city towards rights to adequate housing for all“.

Concept note for the session:

“The general thesis of this World Habitat Day Celebration is that towns, cities and metropolitan cities can reduce their economic, environmental and social diseconomies if they adopt a ‘circular’ model of organization. The ‘territorialized’ model of circular economy is the ‘circular city’ model, which puts in virtuous relationships its centres with its suburbs: the historical centre and the consolidated city with the suburban territory. This circular model is necessary today to face the climate change impacts. It can improve the promotion of a Better Urban Future, more inclusive and more ecologically sustainable, grounded on the implementation of human rights. The right to health/wellbeing is achieved through the housing rights: through the access to adequate housing and services for all, interpreted through the lens of bio-ecology, if we want to avoid other future pandemics.”

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