NetworkNature Annual Event: Enabling transformation through and for nature-based solutions

June 8, 2023

Climate change and biodiversity loss are not only environmental matters, but also social and economic crises. In order to safeguard the future of our planet and communities, transformative and sustainable approaches are needed. Nature-based solutions (NbS) are regarded as instrumental approaches to address the most pressing challenges facing humanity, and provide social, environmental and economic co-benefits.

But what is their real transformational potential? And what transformations are needed to widen the use of NbS?

NetworkNature gathers the nature-based solutions community, and creates opportunities for local, regional and international cooperation with the aim of maximising the impact and uptake of nature-based solutions across sectors.

For its annual conference, NetworkNature welcomes back the nature-based solutions community and invites those that are new to the world of NbS, from policy makers, scientific experts, civil society to investors and financing institutions, infrastructure planners and builders, landowners and natural resource managers to share and learn about the ways through which NbS can foster transformation and transformations that are necessary to help spread the use of NbS.

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