[CONSULTATION PROCESS DEADLINE] Draft White Paper: From Nature-Based Solutions to the Nature-Based Economy

September 10, 2021

URBiNAT Researchers are among the lead authors and contributors of this Draft White Paper. The current Consultation Process, is open until 10 September 2021. Have your say and help shape the EC Expert Publication on the Nature-Based Economy.  How? It’s simple. Provide your feedback in the form of answers to 5 multiple choice questions.


From the Executive Summary

Decades of research and more recently public policy recognise that current economic practices are not compatible with a healthy planet. The European Green Deal aims to decouple economic growth from resource usage, decarbonise industry and do this in a fair and just way for society. Nature-based solutions (NBS) to address societal challenges have been identified as an important policy instrument to achieve the aspirations of the European Green Deal and other key policy objectives such as those set out in the EU Biodiversity for 2030 Strategy and the ambitions of “building back better” from the impact of COVID-19 in the EU Recovery plan.

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