[Video] The journey of co-creating Healthy Corridors in URBiNAT Follower Cities

September 29, 2023

[Video] The journey of co-creating Healthy Corridors in URBiNAT Follower Cities

At the heart of the URBiNAT project is the notion that citizens should be empowered to drive the process of urban transformation. In this way, since 2018, instead of relying solely on experts and policymakers, URBiNAT has actively involved citizens, inhabitants of its seven “Frontrunner” and “Follower” cities at all stages in the co-planning and co-implementation phases of the project.

A newly-released documentary showcases accounts of how residents participated in the co-selection of NBS as prat of the co-creation of larger “Healthy Corridors.” These corridors serve as interconnected pathways, often connecting less-advantaged neighbourhoods to the centres of economic prosperity and opportunity, where multiple NBS are integrated.

Co-produced by representatives from URBiNAT “Follower cities”, in collaboration with the Feltrinelli Foundation in Milan and the University of Coimbra’s Centre for Social Studies (CES), in Porto, this documentary sheds light on the remarkable journey of urban transformation, that has been unfolding in the cities of Brussels, Høje Taastrup, Nova Gorica and Siena, since 2018.


The film offers a firsthand look at the impact URBiNAT has had on these cities. Through extensive citizen engagement and co-creation, multiple NBS have been adopted, leading to healthier, more vibrant, and better-connected urban environments. The project has not only contributed to improving the quality of life for residents but has also fostered a sense of ownership and pride in their cities’ sustainable future.

URBiNAT’s approach is build on the principles of collaboration, innovation, and community involvement. By prioritizing the voices of citizens and integrating NBS into urban planning, the cities featured in this film are taking significant steps towards a healthier, more sustainable and inclusive future.

This video is a reminder that the path to sustainable urban development is paved with collective effort and a shared vision. The journey may be challenging, but it is undoubtedly worth the destination: healthier, better-connected, and more sustainable cities for all! A follow-up video featuring our Frontrunner cities will be released soon.