[HØJE-TAASTRUP 🇩🇰] See What’s New From Høje-Taastrup

April 20, 2022

Høje-Taastrup will host the upcoming URBiNAT Consortium Meeting on 9-11 May. This will be a great opportunity to share experiences and to explore local developments. And there are many of them:

Denmark’s Wildest Municipality

Høje-Taastrup is competing for the title of ‘Denmark’s Wildest Municipality’ – a competition encouraging municipalities to protect nature and boost biodiversity. (The winner to be announced at the end of 2022.)

The City Council decided that all citizens of the Municipality of Høje-Taastrup should in future have access to nature within 1 km from their homes. Nature, biodiversity and outdoor activities will be promoted through 18 new green areas.


Sisters Hope Home

The award-winning performance group Sisters Hope is running a 5-year performance, Sisters Hope Home. Sisters Hope introduces a new artistic paradigm called “inhabitation” promoting ecological connectedness and a sustainable future.

One of their projects is a project-based learning programme with pupils from the local school Læringshuset, creating a soundscape on a path connecting Sisters Hope Home to the citizens and inviting them into the space of art through a public sound/light artwork.

The Co-creating Museum

Starting in April 2022, the “co-creating museum” is a new project developed in collaboration with the National Museum, the Kroppedal Museum and the social housing teams in the three social housing areas Taastrupgård, Gadehavegård and Charlottekvarteret. The project addresses the general challenge of Danish museums to attract young people.

Through co-creative methods, young people are directly involved in the development of both form and content. The project works with dynamic POP-UP exhibitions with the aim of developing new methods, new formats and new ways of thinking about user involvement and dissemination.

Architecture students focus on general construction – Gadehavegård

Over the three past years, Høje-Taastrup and Gadehavegård have hosted a programme for first-year architecture students, based on a partnership between the Municipality of Høje-Taastrup, the housing company Domea and the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture. In 2022, the students studied the current conditions of the housing blocks of Gadehavegård and compared it with the planned changes, based on interviews with residents.

See Gadehavegård through the eyes of 122 architecture students


Nordic Green Climate Wall

Within the Nordic Green Climate Wall project, the Danish Technological Institute is developing a concept where a heat pump combined with a green plant wall for buildings optimises the growth of the plants and at the same time produces domestic hot water.