[Policy Handbook ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ] Evaluating the impact of Nature-Based Solutions: A summary for policy makers

September 5, 2021


Co-edited by and with numerous contributions from URBiNAT partners this publication provides a high-level summary of the detailed information available in Evaluating the Impact of Nature-Based Solutions: A Handbook for Practitioners. The handbook aims to provide practitioners with a comprehensive impact assessment framework for nature-based solutions and a robust set of indi-cators to assess the impacts of nature-based solutions across 12 societal challenge areas: Climate Resilience; Water Management; Natural and Climate Hazards; Green Space Management; Biodiversity; Air Quality; Place Regeneration; Knowledge and Social Capacity Building for Sustainable Urban Transformation; Par-ticipatory Planning and Governance; Social Justice and Social Cohesion; Health and Well-being; and, New Economic Opportunities and Green Jobs.

The accompanying volume, Evaluating the Impact of Nature-Based Solutions: Appendix of Methods, provides a brief description of each cited indicator of nature-based solution impact and recommends appropriate methods to measure specific impacts, along with guidance for end-users about the appropriateness, advantages and drawbacks of each method in different local contexts.ย 

The handbook and accompanying appendix of methods are intended to serve as a reference for relevant EU policies and activities, orient urban practitioners in developing robust impact evaluation frameworks for nature-based solutions im-plemented in different socio-economic contexts and at different scales, and pro-vide a comprehensive suite of indicators and methodologies to help build the European evidence base regarding the performance and impacts of nature-based solutions.ย 


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Evaluating the Impact of Nature-Based Solutions: A Summary for Policy Makers is Co-Edited by Macel Cardinali (URBiNAT), Adina Dumitru, Sofie Vandewoestijne and Laura Wendling. Download options via theย Publications Office of the European Union HERE