[Policy Handbook 🇪🇺] Evaluating the impact of Nature-based Solutions: a handbook for practitioners

September 5, 2021

New Publication: A must read if you are evaluating nature-based Solutions

A new handbook on impact evaluation summarises the experiences of the NBS H2020 projects. URBiNAT is proud to be one of 17 EU-funded projects that collaborated for this wide-ranging publication. 

The first publication of this working group explains the principles guiding NBS impact evaluation and demonstrates approaches to set up a monitoring and evaluation strategy. It’s core are the extensive list of key performance indicators as a buffet approach and best practice examples for their application. This is followed by a specific chapter on the dimension of disaster risk reduction. Finally a comprehensive guidance on data requirements is there to support with definitions and key concepts. A detailed appendix with a list of additional indicators, grouped according to the 12 societal challenges that can be addressed by NBS, completes the publication.

The handbook is aimed at practitioners, administrators and scientists involved in the implementation and evaluation of nature-based solutions. The aim is to support these groups in evaluating these interventions and to draw attention to the multidimensional positive effects.


The handbook is available here.

The Appendix can be downloaded here.

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