[Nova Gorica 🇸🇮] URBiNAT Consortium meeting and walkthrough of Watercourse Restoration project at heart of Healthy Corridor Project

April 6, 2023

The URBiNAT Consortium meeting that took place in the border – or borderless – town of Nova Gorica from 29 to 31 March was an excellent opportunity for members of the consortium to come together for workshops, presentations and site visits of the Healthy Corridor, a project which is being co-created with local citizens.

Researchers from the University of Nova Gorica and Nova Gorica town planners showcased 3D models of the Healthy Corridor and arranged visits to sites that have already started to be transformed. The local Healthy Corridor is centred around the restoration of the River Koren and features Nature Based Solutions, including bee hives, a “kiosk” for locals to meet and children to play, and an urban orchard.

The meeting demonstrated how cross-border collaboration and citizen participation can create sustainable and livable urban environments.

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Nova Gorica’s Healthy Corridor is a fascinating example of how Nature Based Solutions can be co-designed and implemented across national borders, an inspiring example of cross-border collaboration for sustainable development and integration. The project serves as a testament to the potential of urban planning that is guided by principles of sustainability and inclusivity.

Ongoing work on the co-creation of a Healthy Corridor in Nova Gorica, and the way in which researchers, policy makers and citizens on both sides of the border have been engaged, serves as an excellent example of how transborder collaboration can create meaningful progress in urban development.

Nova Gorica, European Capital of Culture 2025

The event was also a chance for consortium members from Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Sweden and France to meet local teams who are planning events for the Nova Gorica European of Culture 2025.