[Research Paper ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท] Allotment gardens: Psychosocial benefits and conflictual community aspects

November 17, 2022

Scientific partners in Nantes have published a paper in the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.


In a context of re-greening of urban spaces, it is crucial to examine the impact of green spaces on the population. In this qualitative study carried out in France (Nantes), 28 people with a plot in an allotment garden were questioned through semi-directive interviews about the psychosocial impact of this type of space. Using thematic and lexicometric analyses, the different psychosocial benefits of these spaces are highlighted and put into perspective with the conflicts occurring there. The content analysis foregrounded the benefits of allotment garden regarding psychological well-being, (notably through the feeling of flow), physical health, selfdevelopment and social bonding. Nevertheless, these benefits are balanced by the different conflicts reported by the participants. By showing that positive and negative social aspects are significantly associated in the participants’ discourse, the lexicometric analysis strengthened the idea that these elements must be considered jointly to better describe the reality of allotment gardens.

URBiNAT Researchers