[NBE] Shit and Blossoms


General information:

Shit and Blossoms is a for-profit business that manufactures and sells non-plastic compost toilets. The toilets decrease the costs and ecological impact from regular chemical sanitation systems. Human waste is being reused and recycled in a way that it can be used for other purposes, such as fertilisation. The toilet is saving the drinkable water used in sewage systems and is thereby a smart solution to meet the new European regulations for water saving and human waste management in local communities and single dwellings.


Target group and ambitions:

Shit and Blossoms has the ambition to be used by single households, families, community buildings, offices, and public buildings. Currently, mostly wealthy families have installed the toilet due to the price of manufacturing and installation. The company is hoping to be able to reduce the price by selling more of the product.

Business model:

Shit and Blossoms is a for-profit company with a traditional business model.

Environmental challenges, social and solidarity economy:

Conventional toilets flush with a lot of (often drinkable) water. This contributes to water scarcity and can have major impacts on the environment and water supply in the future.