[NBE] Nantes Ville Comestible


General information:

Nantes Ville Comestible, located in Nantes, is an urban agriculture association working since 2016 to reconnect people with their territory and federate the network of local players on the issues of ecological transition and food resilience.

In order to reconnect the people of the city with their territory, Nantes Ville Comestible uses the many tools and issues involved in urban agriculture. In particular, it draws on the values of popular education and inter-knowledge, through the three community vegetable gardens that it cultivates and runs.

The association also brings together local players (local authorities, businesses, associations, groups of residents) involved in the ecological and food transition, with the annual highlight being the organisation of the Nantes edition of the 48h urban agriculture festival. It coordinates an ambitious collective project, part of Nantes Mรฉtropole’s Territorial Food Plan: the Maison de l’Agriculture Urbaine et de l’Alimentation (House of Urban Agriculture and Food).