[NBE] Mr Green Walls


General information:

Mr. Green Walls is a for-profit company producing and selling vertical gardens to improve the interior microclimate, acoustics, and visual environment. The company has built over 50 vertical gardens with a variety of vegetation and in different shapes and sizes in homes, offices, and public buildings.

Target group and ambitions:

The company’s ambition is not only to improve air pollution, but to positively impact mental health. Mitigating indoor and outdoor air pollution by implementing air purifying vegetation onto facades and integrated in the interior of all kinds of buildings, will lead to a drop of overall greenhouse gas polluting particles. Employees and people in general will greatly benefit from the effects of breathing in purer air. Mental as well as physical illnesses will decline, such as headaches, asthma, and depression.


Business model:

The company’s business model is a traditional model because it is based on generating profit by selling vertical gardens.

Environmental challenges, social and solidarity economy:

The trend of urbanisation is worsening air quality in cities. Vertical vegetable gardens can be a way to improve the air quality, support the supply of fresh vegetables, hamper noises, and benefit mental health.