Chiara Farinea


Chiara Farinea
Urban Planner, Architect Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona

Chiara Farinea is an Italian architect and urban planner. She studied at ETSAB (Barcelona) for a year as part of the Erasmus Programme. She has been a member of the Association of Architects of Genoa for ten years. She is currently Head of European Projects at IAAC and associate professor of Urban Planning at the School of Architecture in Genoa. She was one of the founding partners of Gr.IN Lab art group, which exhibited installations in 2015 at the Arsenale in Venice and in Turin for the Italia-China Art Biennale. She also worked as project manager at D’Appolonia (Genoa), where she developed international cooperation projects, smart cities initiatives and EU-funded research projects on sustainable development, as well as coordinating the D’Appolonia team that worked with Studio 015 Paola Viganò to prepare the winning project for Progetto Flaminio–Rome City of Science International Competition.

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