Béatrice Bechet

Béatrice Bechet


Béatrice Bechet
Scientific Partner - Nantes Nord Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Techniques de la Ville (CNRS)

IRSTV is a join unit of the CNRS (FR CNRS 2488) funded by CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the Ministry of Research. IRSTV is located in Nantes (France) at the Centrale Nantes (French Engineering school). Around 100 members are involved in the research federation with 20 laboratories located in the West of France (from Le Mans to La Rochelle), among others IFSTTAR (Nantes), University of Nantes, AgroCampus Ouest (Angers). IRSTV aims at contributing to a greener urban environment, improving energy and risk management, environment comfort and safety for the city dweller, and more generally, the sustainable development in cities. IRSTV leads an interdisciplinary research in the field of urban environment. Its research program more specifically concerns the development of knowledge, models, tools and methodologies for the management, the design, the decisionmaking and the evaluation of city planning policies. IRSTV has developed interdisciplinary skills in engineering sciences (acoustics, thermal, aerodynamic, building physics, civil engineering), environmental sciences (hydrology, chemistry, soil sciences), communication and information sciences and techniques (CAD, GIS, virtual reality) and human and social sciences (architecture, urban planning, geography, sociology).


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