[URBiNAT Webinar] Solidarity economy practices for neighbourhood revitalisation (1/3): Urban and green space: commons, justice and social reproduction

June 2, 2021



Urban public space: commons, justice and social reproduction


  • 14h00 to 14h10 – URBiNAT short presentation – Nathalie Nunes (CES)
  • 14h10 to 14h30 – Seminar overview: How the solidarity economy has been introduced in the Healthy Corridor – Beatriz Caitana (CES)

Panel. (Moderator: Laetitia Boon,Ville de Bruxelles)  

  • 14h30 to 14h45 – Inclusive and dynamic neighbourhoods through solidarity economy – Pedro Hespanha  (Ecosol – CES)
  • 14h45 to 15h00 – Solidarity Economy, community development and the commons: rethink the public space production – Rogério Roque Amaro  (ISCTE)
  • 15h00 to 15h15 – Urban Regeneration and minority women: can SE contribute to environmental justice within the urban space? Luciane Lucas dos Santos (Ecosol – CES) 
  • 15h15 to 15h30 –  The commons and the market or the virtues of impure orders – José Castro Caldas (CES)  
  • 15h30 to 15h45 – RIPESS and the role played by EU networks towards environmental issues within the public agenda – Jason Nardi – Intercontinental network for the promotion of social and solidarity economy (RIPESS Europe)

Open discussion: 15h45 – 17h00


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