[European Commission 🇪🇺] URBiNAT at the EC Conference on the Health Impacts of Climate Change

February 20, 2024

URBiNAT researcher Marcel Cardinali from the OWL University of Applied Sciences is attending the European Commission’s High Level Conference on the Health Impacts of Climate Change – February 19 and 20, 2024. Marcel who has conducted extensive research on the health impacts of NBS in cities is one of the speakers of this event focused on the intersection between climate change and public health. The conference, aimed at uniting researchers, policymakers, and funders, is focused in particular on the current challenges, priorities, and research needs within this critical domain.

This involvement highlights the contribution of the URBiNAT project, funded under the EU H2020 Programme, which focuses on regenerating under-served urban areas through Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), towards understanding and mitigating the health implications of climate change.

Marcel Cardinali is a panelist of Theme 2 “Climate change in the context of other environmental stressors”. Within Parallel Session 6, he discusses “Combined effects of pollution, climate change and biodiversity on human health”


Photo: URBiNAT


Marcel Cardinali
Researcher / urban planner Institute for Design Strategies, OWL University of Applied Science and Arts

Marcel Cardinali is an urban planner, researcher and has been teaching at OWL University since 2016. He holds a master degree in urban planning and is a doctoral student at TU Delft on the topic of “health effects of green spaces on district level”.