[Porto 🇵🇹 – Video] The Porto Healthy Corridor from the perspective of Campanh’UP

May 23, 2024

In this video, Campanh’UP is reviewing the Healthy Corridor created between Bairro do Falcão and Bairro do Cerco.

The creation of the Porto Healthy Corridor, supported by various local and state associations and an amazing community engagement, culminated in the creation of many other initiatives, such as CampMarket and Campanh’UP. The redevelopment of this much-neglected arterial road in the area, which has been transformed from a dark and dodgy alleyway into a space that belongs more in the city park. A victory for local residents and for a greener Porto.

Enjoy watching!

Campanh’Up is an open platform designed to revitalize the long-overlooked parish of Campanhã in Porto, addressing its social, cultural, and environmental challenges while also recognizing its significant potential. This initiative emerged from the URBiNAT project.