[PORTO 🇵🇹] NBS Co-Design Workshops held in schools across Frontrunner City Porto

October 30, 2021

[NBS] NBS Co-Design Workshops held in shools across Frontrunner City Porto

[30 October 2021] URBiNAT Consortium partners organised workshops in six primary schools across Frontrunner City Porto as part of the process of engaging children in NBS co-creation exercises.

The aim of the workshop was to engage pupils between 7 and 11 years old in the co-design of an NBS for the playground of their school. Prior to the workshop, the pupils, split into groups, had already started to reflect on which NBS, between a Green ceramic wall or a Mobile Vegetable Garden, they would like to have in their school’s playground. At the start of the workshop they were well-prepared to present and justify their choice. 

After the presentations the pupils accompanied the URBiNAT’s team for a Walkthrough in the playground of the schools to show where they thought would be the best place to install the NBS

According to the selection made, each group started to design one of the two solutions following a methodology inspired by URBiNAT’s Model Thinking Participatory NBS.

In the case of the Ceramic Green Wall (URBiNAT Technological NBS), students were provided with an A3 template to draw the shape of the wall, 4 coloured markers to select the function of the wall – where it was possible to choose between Herbs, Flowers, Animals and Food – and cutouts to glue on the paper representing the different typologies of Herbs, Flowers, Animals or Food. 

The markers and the cutouts were also used to make the selection of functions for the Mobile Vegetable Garden together with three-dimensional pieces of balsa wood that were glued together, before being coloured, to define the shape of the solution. 

URBiNAT partner IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) was responsible for the digital fabrication of the materials and the fine tuning of the methodology for the workshop together with local partners CES, DOMUS Social, Porto Municipality, University of Coimbra and the teachers of the six schools. 

The workshops which involved around 100 children, was a resounding success resulting in the creation of beautiful proposals that will inspire and help the URBiNAT team in the next step of the co-design process. 


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