[HØJE-TAASTRUP 🇩🇰] Citizens of Høje Taastrup install plant boxes during URBiNAT kick-off event

June 26, 2020

Between 14 and 18 June 2020 the citizens of Høje Taastrup near Copenhagen joined forces to build plant boxes as part of kick-off events to co-design and co-construct a Nature-Based Solution lined URBiNAT Healthy Corridor.

Høje Taastrup is one the URBiNAT “Follower cities” which means that the co-design and construction of an URBiNAT Healthy Corridor for the city will be able to draw on the lessons learned from the three Frontrunner cities Porto, Nantes and Sofia. Yet, in many ways, local residents are already very much engaged in plans for the design and installation of multiple Nature Based Solutions and the creation of a larger Healthy Corridor linking them all together.

Between 14 and 18 June a series of outdoor public consultations were held with representatives of the URBiNAT project and local residents to start to map out the future Healthy Corridor. Dozens of residents took part in the discussions then rolled up their sleeves to build a series of plant boxes.

Many more citizen-driven activities are planned in the months ahead. Details to be announced via the URBiNAT Website.