[Observer 🇧🇷] Commission on Ecology, Environment and Animal Protection, Paraná State Legislative Assembly, Brazil

February 3, 2021

In March 2020, the URBiNAT project gained a new Observer partner: the Commission for the Environment, Ecology and Protection of Animals linked to the Legislative Assembly of State of Paraná (Brazil). This partnership represents an opportunity to share experience and knowledge, and to promote sustainable, democratic and inclusive practice among European and Brazilian cities, strengthening our Community of Practice and mutual learning. The Commission is chaired by state representative Goura Nataraj, who has been in contact with the URBiNAT consortium since 2019 through in-person meetings in Brazil and Portugal, together with online sessions.

As well as sharing knowledge on democratic practices in urban regeneration, plans are being discussed with the president of the Commission for the organisation of URBiNAT-style seminars and workshops with local communities in Paraná.

A pilot workshop on participation and co-creation run by URBiNAT took place in May 2019 in the city of Curitiba, capital of the State of Paraná. This was part of a project developed by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Communities of the Public Ministry of Paraná, and was held in the urban settlement of Caximba.

Isabela Perotti and Luza Basso Driessen, advisors on Goura’s team, have been involved in a number of exchanges with URBiNAT on a range of issues that go beyond those addressed by the Commission. The issues of human rights and gender, and urban regeneration in the light of the pandemic are of particular relevance to Goura’s mandate as state representative.

These contributions and resulting exchanges will be shared on URBiNAT’s website as a way of broadening the scope of our Community of Practice. Stay tuned! Até já!


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