[Nova Gorica 🇸🇮] MOBILET Kiosk installed as part of URBiNAT project to restore the Koren Stream

August 24, 2022

[Nova Gorica ??] MOBILET Kiosk by the Koren Stream

The Municipality of Nova Gorica has arranged, cleaned and prepared the area along one section of the Koren stream thanks to two international projects URBiNAT and URBACT. The participation results (LD2) have been taken into account before and while arranging the area. The inhabitants of Nova Gorica have expressed their needs and wishes regarding the area. They would like to have a spot where they would be able to spend their free time while socialising with various generations. A kiosk called Mobilet has been set up in the treated area.

Various workshops, lectures have been taking place and are going to take place until the end of September. Events for all generations, children as well as teenagers, adults and senior citizens, are being organised. There is a letter box in which people leave their messages regarding the area expressing their likes or dislikes. A Facebook profile »Zeleni kiosk Mobilet« on which news are published on a daily basis has been created. In late September and early October, the Municipality of Nova Gorica together with the University in Nova Gorica intends to organise two urban interventions for the presentation of conceptual designs for the area at the location itself.

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