Porto NBS

NBS proposed by local citizens in the Porto Intervention area

In the Porto intervention area of the URBiNAT project, local citizens proposed a range of innovative Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) through active outreach, engagement, and co-creation activities. These proposals were aimed at enhancing the livability and connectivity of the neighborhood. Key suggestions included the development of pedestrian paths to improve the connectivity between different parts of the neighborhood, thereby facilitating easier and safer movement for residents.

Another proposal was the establishment of secure meeting points near schools, which would provide safe spaces for community interactions between children and parents. Additionally, the restoration of an ancient theatre was proposed, a project that would not only preserve cultural heritage but also provide a communal space for arts and entertainment. Lastly, the community suggested the enhancement of outdoor spaces to be better equipped for sports and leisure activities, thereby promoting healthy lifestyles and social cohesion. These citizen-driven NBS reflect a deep understanding of local needs and a commitment to creating a more sustainable, connected, and vibrant urban environment.

Sports & leisure

Outdoor Space for sports and leisure activities

Proposal to create a green space that favours the development of physical and recreational activities (namely Yoga and meditation). This outdoor space is also intended to be used for other purposes, such as board and traditional games.
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Connecting Pathways

Improvement of connective path between neighbourhoods and facilities

This proposal aims to improve existing pedestrian paths that are widely used by the population to reach Cerco do Porto / Falcão / Lagarteiro / Campanhã cemetery / Falcão Primary School/ Oliveira urban garden and others.
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Meeting points

Meeting spot next to Falcão Primary School with sensory garden

The proposal refers to a vacant lot next to the Falcão Primary School with the goal of transforming it into a space for socializing and reception for students/families. Falcão Street has no shade or conditions for the accumulation of so many people as seen during the morning (when school starts) and in the afternoon (when school ends).
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Performing arts

Nature-based Amphitheatre

The proposal foresees the creation of an open- air amphitheatre to stimulate daily use for recreational, sports and cultural activities. This amphitheatre could be built through terrain modelling, taking advantage of existing topography, therefore creating a natural amphitheatre. It would contribute to social and cultural dynamization of the public space within the intervention area.
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Heritage conservations

Existing ruin recovery

The proposal intends to intervene in the existing ruin of old Quinta do Falcão house, to preserve the memory of Campanhã’s farms, and rural past. The intervention also aims to solve its current conditions that are a source of insecurity for pedestrians crossing nearby. The space, once recovered, could hold artistic and cultural temporary events.
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Pedestrian connection to the Oriental Park

This proposal aims at the reformulation of the access stairs to the Oriental Park. Currently this connection is not accessible to all citizens and the existing slope compromises pedestrian safety and intervisibility between spaces. The surrounding green space also requires more frequent management.
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