[NBE] Noocity Urban Ecology


General information:

Noocity Urban Ecology (Noocity Ecologia Urbana) is a Portuguese start-up company focused on the development of intelligent products and services for domestic and small scale urban farming and agriculture. The NBE sells self-watering vegetable boxes to companies, private households, schools, and institutions, and provides educational services as well as team building exercises.


Target group and ambitions:
Noocity has the aspiration to become a global enabler for urban gardeners, empowering them to produce more and better food in an efficient, practical and ecological way. Noocity provides high quality equipment, the right ingredients and maintenance support. “We want to reconnect urban citizens with nature through the beautiful experience of growing their own healthy and tasty vegetables.” ‘

We want to enable urban farmers to plant more and better produce, anywhere, and in a practical, efficient and ecological manner. We believe nature plays a crucial role in the cities of the future and in the daily lives of our communities. When integrated into our daily habits in an intelligent and sustainable way, we will be able to share all the goodness it has to offer.”

Business model:
Noocity is a for-profit company with a traditional business model.

Environmental challenges, social and solidarity economy:
Disconnection between nature and people living in urban areas.