[NBE ] Good Food Hubs


General information:

Good Food Hubs is a project that started in June 2021 with a focus on creating a food network around Asprela, an affluent, knowledge-intense area in Porto. Good Food Hubs promote pop-up meeting moments or spaces, and try to connect producers and consumers of biological vegetables and good, sustainable food.


Target group and ambitions:
A central aim to establish a healthier food system. One key target group and aim is to get students and people in the neighbourhood to buy good food. Good Food Hubs want to create an understanding among universities that it is a good thing to have a market every week, that it means that students can have access to good food. An ambition of the project is also that it continues and has a life of its own; that partners continue to collaborate and that connections remain after the project ends.

Business model:
Social economy model.

Environmental challenges, social and solidarity economy:
Unhealthy food system.