URBiNAT Webinar Series on Citizen Engagement – II

January 21, 2020

The URBiNAT Webinar Series on Citizen Engagement was launched in October 2019 with three webinars on:
  • a) Plunge (have guts) – risk as a means to the cutting edge
  • b) LIFE – How can we inspire a new meaning of life? – How do we create togetherness being authentic, transparent, inclusive, working on a shared agenda and common vision?
  • c) LOCAL SCALE-UP – We need to go local to be able to scale up. But how can we do it sustain-ably? (Key words: seeding/obvious change)
The topic of the next webinar will be decided soon and you can influence the topic by taking a short webinar evaluation questionnaire – coming soon. Please keep this date and time open for your participation in the community of practice on citizens engagement. We will be using the following Zoom address on the day: