Zoom on URBiNAT Cities

April 3, 2022

A Zoom on URBiNAT Cities

As always there is a tremendous amount going on in our partner cities right now. This zoom on Nantes, Porto, Høje-Taastrup, Nova Gorica, and Khorramabad is just a brief overview of what the cities have been working on and what is to come!


Nantes is preparing the fifth edition of the “Printemps du Projet”. Printemps du Projet 2022 will be an entire week full of workshops, conferences, visits, events, information and fun activities dedicated to the transformation of Nantes Nord. It will also be an opportunity to discover the “Mobil’o project”, the mobile project house of Nantes Nord. This highly visible vehicle travels around the city to meet inhabitants and discuss projects.


Moreover, Nantes launches the third season of urban solidarity plantations. Created in 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, these community gardens provide low-income households with fresh vegetables. In order to further linking the urban gardens to the social life of their neighbourhood, they could be opened to host selective events.


Walkthroughs with Yoga are organised in Porto’s Healthy Corridor every month, the most recent one took place on 2 April.

On 18 March, a meeting was helt between the political representatives of the Healthy Corridor Working Commission and the citizens and stakeholders engaged in the implementation of nature-based solutions.

Not to forget the CampMarket, an informal market with local farmers and craftsmen—always on the last Saturday of a month. It plays an important role in terms of conviviality and is a fun way of shopping that contributes to a more sustainable way of life by bringing producers and consumers closer together.

If you are in Porto, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the next CampMarket on 30 April.



Høje-Taastrup will host the upcoming Consortium Meeting on 9-11 May, with field visits on the second day. It will be a great opportunity to share experiences and to explore local developments. And there are many of them: 

Høje-Taastrup is competing for the title of ‘Denmark’s Wildest Municipality’ – a competition encouraging municipalities to protect nature and boost biodiversity. (The winner to be announced at the end of this year.) 

A Luminescent Path, a cooperation with SLA, will address school children. This collaboration between artists and schools will use lights and sounds to link arts and sustainability.

Within the Nordic Green Climate Wall project, the Danish Technological Institute is developing a concept where a heat pump combined with a green plant wall for buildings optimises the growth of the plants and at the same time produces domestic hot water.


Nova Gorica

As for Nova Gorica, the best thing is to see for yourself:

Moreover, Nova Gorica is planning a meeting with the residents of an old people’s home, situated in the Koren area, in early April—more on this in the next newsletter!


Khorramabad had organized workshops, questionnaires, and interviews involving more than 600 residents in the co-selection process of potential nature-based solutions. The listed NBS then have been prioritized within focus group sessions: A school of entrepreneurship, equipping sport facilities, and urban gardening were of the highest priority for the residents.