URBiNAT-themed side event held during COP-27

November 12, 2022

An URBiNAT-themed side event was organised during COP-27. The session, chaired by URBiNAT Researcher Ingrid Andersson, discussed the co-creation of Nature Based Solutions for climate change adaptation, and other concepts and methods at heart of the URBiNAT project.

In the session “Co-creation of nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation” representatives of URBINAT, together with representatives of the projects CLEVER Cities, Go Green Routes, and Phusicos, will address stakeholder and community engagement as a crucial aspect in the planning and implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS).

About the Session

Stakeholder and community engagement is a crucial aspect in planning and implementing nature-based solutions (NBS) to shape common understanding of challenges, such as climate adaptation and human and ecological well-being, and how NBS could solve them. This session pulls together diverse experiences and perspectives, drawing on EU funded research and innovation as well as cases from around the world how to integrate and mainstream co-creation in strategic planning and urban regeneration.


Video of the Side Event

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