[PORTO 🇵🇹] Exhibition: Cities in the city

June 10, 2021



From 14 May to 27 June 2021 The Ci.CLO Gallery in Porto will be showing a series of photos by Carlos Barradas who has been documenting the local implementation of the URBiNAT project in the district of Campanhá, Porto., since the summer of 2020.

Ci.CLO is an independent organization focusing on photography and its interaction with other artistic, environmental and social platforms.

The Cities within in the City exhibition was co-organised by the Ci.CLO gallery and the Câmara Municipal do Porto in partnership with PHotoESPAÑA, ArtWorks and Metro do Porto.

A exposição Cidades na Cidade reúne as obras de Carlos Barradas e María Sainz Arandia – registos de iniciativas comunitárias no campo da justiça social e ambiental, no Porto e em Valência, explorando o potencial da sustentabilidade do espaço público e a poética das relações que daí emergem enquanto atos de resistência inclusivos e regenerativos.

The Cities in the City exhibition brings together works by Carlos Barradas and María Sainz Arandia. It constitutes a visual record community initiatives in the field of social and environmental justice, in Porto and Valencia (Spain), that explore the potential for the sustainability of public space and the poetics of the relationships that emerge from it as inclusive and regenerative acts of resistance.

                                                                                      URBiNAT and Photography: Carlos Barradas

“About five months ago I got the news that I had been selected for my first artistic residence. The theme of the the residence was Cities in the City, sponsored by the city of Porto.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who believed in me for this project. In particular Virgil Ferreira, from Ci.CLO Plataforma de Fotografia, and dear Maíra Villela, from the PHotoESPAÑA Photography Biennale..


And of course, to Gonçalo Canto Moniz and the team of URBiNAT who allowed me to discover the parish of Campanhã in Porto in so much detail. It was here that I made the photos and listened, and recorded, the stories that led to this outcome.

Thank you, of course, to the Ricardinho Lopes who allowed me to meet so many good people from Campanhã, the neighborhood of XX, the Co-operative of Pêgo black, the neighborhood of Falcao, the neighborhood of the Lagariro, the Horta do Oliveira, who made themselves available being photographed and with me sharing part of their lives.

Carlos Barradas


Relevant URBiNAT resources:  

“URBiNAT comprises culture-based approaches to implement methodologies and activities aimed at engaging and empowering citizens (e.g. cultural mapping, forum theatre). URBiNAT also integrates culture as a key feature of its conceptual approach to the ‘Healthy Corridor’, since “together, natural, social and cultural features of public spaces form the healthy corridors, an urban, ecological, social and cultural structure, strengthening the physical articulations between neighbourhoods separated by misused, abandoned or simply underused areas” (Moniz & Ferreira, 2019).

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