[Nantes 🇫🇷] 2022 Science Festival – Two days of scientific events at the Stendhal College in Nantes Nord

December 5, 2022


On the occasion of the 2022 Science Festival on 13 & 14 oct. 2022, and within the framework of the URBiNAT project, the Gustave Eiffel University and the Rennes-Angers Agro Institute, both members of URBiNAT partner IRSTV (Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Techniques de la Ville), organized several scientific events in partnership with the Stendhal College in Nantes Nord.

The activities during these two days were aimed at the Year 8 & 9 secondary school students (12 to 14 years old) on the theme of urban microclimate and the adaptation of cities to climate change:

  • A mini-conference entitled “When cities get hot” on the the urban heat island effect, with a presentation of nighttime air temperature maps of the city of Nantes. Students were able to identify areas of the city with higher temperatures than the surrounding countryside, as well as cooler areas near rivers and large parks in the city.
  • The presentation of weather stations — one of which was recently installed at the college as part of the URBiNAT project. The students discovered the different sensors for measuring meteorological parameters (air temperature and humidity, radiation, wind speed), realised realtime measurements, and discussed the topic of thermal comfort.