[Conference 🇪🇺] European Week of Regions and CitiesUnique opportunity to learn and share with sister EU H2020 projects

October 7, 2020

Oct. 7. URBiNAT Consortium member and researcher at the Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra, Nathalie Nunes, attended a session of the European Week of Regions and Cities on “Citizens’ voices and knowledge”, organized by the TeRRIFICA project. The session involved a lively discussion resulting in many insights about citizen and stakeholder engagement, notably related to ownership, crowd mapping digital enablers, and communication strategies and tools tailored to the specificities of target groups. Other takeaways from the session included scientific awareness of local knowledge, personalized ways to approach policymakers, reciprocal understanding and learning, responsible approach to research and innovation. All in all a very inspiring session and we certainly plan to be back next year to present our interim findings as part of the project.

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