[In the News 🇫🇷] At the heart of a huge “nature in the city” project in the Nantes Nord district

March 10, 2022

At the heart of a huge"nature in the city" project in the Nantes Nord district

Interview with IRSTV’s researchers Béatrice Bechet, researcher and director of IRSTV, and Philippe Bodenan, researcher, Nantes University Campus, Ecole Centrale.

The URBiNAT project, innovative nature-based solutions for the Nantes Nord district.

Nantes with its district Nantes Nord has been chosen to study a new concept of “nature in the city” in urban development. It will also serve as a vast area for experimentation for a renewal of living together in the city due to its specificity of having the largest green and wooded area in Nantes.

Extract from an article published in the French journal “Mosaïque”, Journal des habitants de Nantes Nord, n°86, Janvier 2022