[Research Paper 🇧🇷] BRAZIL: Co-criação de Soluções baseadas na Natureza envolvendo comunidades e oportunidades de diálogo Europa

January 1, 2021

ABSTRACT: Transformations around modes of production have changed the way citizens, users and consumers are considered and recognized in the processes of cocreation and co-production. However, at the same time that the spaces for networking and sharing are expanding, new challenges arise for co-production and co-government. In development since 2018, the URBiNAT project foresees the implementation of healthy corridors in 3 European cities. In these cities there are active living labs to promote processes of active involvement of citizens in the design and implementation of corridors through the catalogue of nature-based solutions (NBS). This paper aims to focus on the current understanding about participation and knowledge and how they operate at the level of URBiNAT strategies; and reflect on how a European project experience can dialogue with other experiences and contexts such as Brazil. It is an inclusive urban regeneration project centered on people, which tries out new approaches and new combinations of traditional approaches, and as inherent in its nature, prioritizes the specific aspects of its path.

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